What Our Associates are Saying

“Over the past year and a half I have been an audit intern at Tronconi Segarra & Associates and it has been a great experience. I am grateful to work for such an incredible firm where they truly care about your professional development. I have had the opportunity to work with several partners, principals, and managers on various projects and have learned about what it means to be a public accountant. I feel that my time here at Tronconi Segarra & Associates has helped me grow as a professional, as student, and as a person. I highly recommend this firm to any students seeking an internship in the near future, as my internship has benefited me tremendously. I am extremely thankful that I have the opportunity to be involved in such a great organization.”

Alexis, Intern

“My overall internship experience at Tronconi Segarra and Associates has been fulfilling and enlightening. Tronconi Segarra & Associates offered me an opportunity to intern at their office in the Accounting & Auditing Department during January of 2015. My first impression of their brand new office building, located in Clarence, was amazement. I felt very comfortable going through my in-office interviews because the Human Resource manager and partner I interviewed with were very comfortable to speak with. Once I was hired, I began working in the intern room and was trained by the other interns. I quickly formed a bond with the other interns because we all helped each other and had a good time doing it. When we all were in the office, we would go out to lunch and enjoy each other’s presence. As my internship progressed at Tronconi, I began to work on more client engagements and enhanced my learning of the A&A field. I believe that I have come a long way as a professional during my internship at Tronconi Segarra & Associates. I recommend any and all prospective internship-seeking college students to apply and begin their public accounting career with Tronconi Segarra & Associates.” 

James, Intern

"Joining Tronconi Segarra & Associates has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone in the Firm has a high level of professionalism and quality in everything they do; and from partners down there is a genuine interest in the growth of our clients and co-workers."

Adam, Senior Accountant

"What drew me to Tronconi Segarra over 5 years ago is even more evident today. The partners and associates are outstanding to work with. The knowledge base of these individuals is astounding, and they are all true professionals in every sense of the word. I am honored to be a part of this firm."

Lisa, Senior Manager

"Directly after college, I was looking for an organization that understood the importance of supporting and investing in their people. I like working at Tronconi Segarra because one aspect of the culture is employee empowerment. Employees are asked what should we be doing, not told what to do. Every day I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talended people in an environment that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration."

Alec, Manager

"What made me decide to begin my career at Tronconi Segarra & Associates? I started as an intern with 35 co-workers. Not quite four years later, I am now a Manager with 90 co-workers (really, good friends.) Growth, opportunity, professional development and, most importantly, friendships. It was really a no brainer."

Andy, Senior Manager

"I would definitely recommend my peers to the Firm. It's very hard not to fit in with the people who work here."

Jeremy, Senior Manager

"After graduating, I still had some doubt in my mind about whether I chose the right profession or firm. After a short time at Tronconi Segarra & Associates, I realized that the atmosphere at the firm would encourage and allow me to excel in whatever areas that I have interest. I have been exposed to a wide variety of clients and practice areas. The partners and management team genuinely care not only about my professional growth but more importantly about my personal well-being. I absolutely made the right choice!"

David, Manager

"The people who work here are driven towards excellence and strive to provide the best service possible. I am proud to say that I am a member of this firm."

Christina, Supervising Senior Accountant

"One of the things I found to be most impressive when I interviewed and after I started with the Firm is the genuine level of respect exhibited throughout the organization, especially at the partner level. Tronconi Segarra has an exceptional work environment and a commitment to quality that does not go unnoticed by its clients."

Mike, Supervising Senior Account