Valuation Services

Determining the value of a business, ownership interests or intangible assets for a variety of purposes (business sale/purchase, estate planning, financial reporting, gifting, etc.) is critical in understanding and maximizing your position. Attorneys, businesses and individuals rely on Tronconi Segarra & Associates to provide credentialed, experienced valuation services.

  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Lost Profits
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity
  • Business Interruption
  • Tortious Interference
  • Patent Infringement
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Lost Earnings
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Sales & divestitures
  • Marital dissolutions
  • Estate & gift tax planning
  • Shareholder transactions
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Business combinations
  • Testing for impairment of intangible assets, including goodwill
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Expert testimony/litigation support
  • Critique of another firm’s valuation analyses
  • Employee stock compensation awards including stock options, warrants and restricted stock

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Alec J. Marotto, CPA/ABV
Andrew T. Moon, CPA/ABV
Adam P. Ohar, CPA

Adam P. Ohar, CPA/ABV

Senior Manager
James S. Segarra, CPA

James S. Segarra, CPA

Managing Partner