U.S./Canadian Border Services

While the U.S. and Canada have the oldest and most open trade relationship of all nations, there are vast differences between the Canadian and U.S. systems of taxation. The two countries have endeavored to encourage trade between the nations for decades. One of the many ways they have attempted to do so is via an Income Tax Treaty. International Tax Treaties & Totalization Agreements are tools that require the application and use by specialized advisors.

The Certified Public Accountants in Tronconi Segarra & Associates' Cross-Border practice have significant experience assisting Canadian businesses and individuals who have (or who are seeking to have) U.S. interests, whether they are U.S. citizen expatriots or foreign tax payers. Tronconi Segarra & Associates has the experience, technical knowledge and resources to assist Canadian businesses in establishing a U.S. presence correctly, right from the start. This is a key differentiator – Tronconi Segarra & Associates understands how to utilize and apply information from Canadian/U.S. tax treaties, identifies what needs to be done, has the experience of a proven process, and has access to additional resources that can help facilitate the process if necessary.

We offer many services to Canadian and other international clients, including:

  • Tax planning, consulting and compliance.
  • Voluntary compliance, FATCA expertise.
  • U.S. - Canadian Tax Treaty applicatiion for businesses, individuals and expatriates to identify key tax issues your cross-border transactions may trigger.
  • Entity selection and structuring for both domestic and international clients.
  • Transfer pricing and cost sharing studies and analyses for domestic and international clients designed to help your business not only comply with but manage your transfer pricing issues.
  • Accounting for income taxes.
  • Individual tax compliance & planning, domestically & internationally.

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