Exempt Organizations

Tronconi Segarra & Associates has a deep respect for the work that not-for-profit organizations endeavor to do in the communities in which they serve. We are committed to helping our not-for-profit clients fulfill their missions by providing them with superior financial services that position them to achieve their goals and offer valuable programming to their constituents.

Within the realm of taxation issues that may impact not-for-profit organizations, we assist not-for-profit organizations in meeting their annual federal and state compliance requirements. Further, we can assist not-for-profit organizations with identifying what, if any, activities they undertake that might have sales or use tax or unrelated business income tax implications. Our experienced professionals work with our not-for-profit clients throughout the year to provide guidance and education on a wide variety of financial issues.

We serve a significant number of not-for-profit organizations, including: health care organizations; cultural organizations; educational institutions; human services organizations; organized labor; organizations that serve the elderly; volunteer firefighting organizations; business associations; leisure and recreational organizations; and civic organizations.