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State and Local Sales Tax Rates 

Clients are always calling or emailing us looking for sales tax rates in jurisdictions where they are shipping products or performing services. Many states have sales tax rate lookup tools on their websites where you can search for the correct sales tax rate for any address within the state...

Alabama Arkansas Arizona
California Florida Iowa
Kansas Minnesota Missouri
North Carolina Nebraska New York
Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Washington  Wisconsin  

Colorado and Illinois have sales tax rate lookup tools but you need to enter your sales tax registration number.

The following states only impose a statewide (no local) sales tax rate: Connecticut (6.35%) Indiana (7.0%) Kentucky (6.0%) Maine (5.5%) Massachusetts (6.25%) Maryland (6.0%) Michigan 6.0%) New Jersey (6.875%) Rhode Island (7.0%) and the District of Columbia (5.75%).

There are no statewide sales taxes in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon.

* As of November 1, 2017

State and Local Tax Information

The following websites are excellent sources of state and local tax news and information...

Tax Foundation

Multistate Associates

Sales Tax Support

Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT)

Council on State Taxation

Center on Budget Policies and Priorities

Multistate Tax Commission

  • Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Program The Multistate Voluntary Disclosure Program provides a way for a taxpayer with potential tax liability in multiple states (including DC) to negotiate a settlement, using a uniform procedure coordinated through the National Nexus Program staff of the MTC.
  • Uniform Sales & Use Tax Exemption Certificate The MTC has developed a Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate that 38 States have indicated is acceptable for use as a "blanket" resale certificate and for similar purposes.  The Certificate itself contains instructions on its use, lists the States that have indicated to the MTC that a properly filled out form satisfies their requirements for a valid resale certificate, and sets forth specific limitations on its use.

Federation of Tax Administrators

National Conference of State Legislatures

Sales Tax Automation Solutions

Our State and Local Tax team works with the following sales tax automation solution providers to assist our clients with sales and use tax compliance needs.





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