Cross-Border Businesses

State and Local Tax Implications for Cross-Border Businesses

Canadian companies doing business in the United States should consider the potential State and Local Tax (SALT) implications of their activities. State and local governments are not bound by U.S. treaties or permanent establishment rules, and may impose tax filing requirements on foreign companies doing business within their jurisdictions.

The SALT professionals at Tronconi Segarra & Associates have extensive experience helping Canadian and other foreign businesses navigate complex tax issues such as: 

  • Determining whether Nexus (i.e., the minimum connection or link necessary between a state and a business the state seeks to tax) exists in jurisdictions where business is being conducted.
  • Determining potential tax collection and filing obligations for income/franchise, sales & use, property, payroll taxes, etc.
  • Determining the taxability of products and/or services sold to customers for sales & use tax purposes.  
  • Determining whether a business is subject to any taxes imposed by localities (i.e., cities, towns, counties, districts) that maybe separately assessed from state taxes.
  • Helping settle any potential existing tax liabilities with state and local governments before these taxing agencies approach you.
  • Offering strategic and comprehensive tax advice and services to facilitate compliance with SALT laws and minimizing administrative burden.

Our SALT professionals work closely with our firm's U.S./Canadian Cross-Border services team to assist our clients with both their federal and state and local tax concerns.   

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