Services – Add Value

Refund Study

Your business may be paying too much sales and use tax on its purchases. Our team has considerable experience recovering overpayments for businesses in different industries, from manufacturing to retailing, in states across the U.S. Don’t leave sales tax dollars on the table.

Utility Study

Many states offer sales and use tax exemptions for utilties used in production, R&D or other activities. Let our experienced team help you identify these exemptions in order to recover overpayments from prior years and/or generate sales tax savings on utility purchases for future years.

Credits & Incentives

Are you planning to expand your business, hire new employees or invest in new equipment? Don’t do anything before speaking with our team about tax credits and incentives that your business may qualify for. We can help you navigate the myriad of gov’t. agencies to get the best deal for your business.

Transaction Planning

Are you buying/selling a business or purchasing an aircraft, vessel or artwork? Have you considered the state and local tax consequences of this transaction. Our experienced team can help you plan accordingly for the potential sales or income tax implications of your purchase.


Does your business have the internal resources (personnel, skill, experience) to handle state and local tax compliance (i.e., filing returns, responding to questions & notices, dealing with audits, etc.) If the answer is NO, then let our experienced team step in and manage this process for you.

Due Diligence

Are you buying/ selling a business? The sales price may be contingent upon any potential liabilities discovered during due dilligence. What about state and local tax liabilities? It’s our experience that these are often overlooked or discounted. Don’t let state and local tax issues compromise your deal.