Credits & Incentives

The Federal government, as well as state and local authorities use deductions, tax credits and incentives to encourage investment, boost employment and stimulate innovation.  No matter if your company is new, growing or well established there are a variety of credits and incentives available.  Understanding whether your business is a candidate for such programs can be confusing – quantifying the benefits, determining how to apply and complying with the program requirements are just some of the challenges.

Our Team can assist your business with the following services related to tax credits and incentives:

  • Identify available tax credits and incentives
  • Review current credit claims
  • Quantify remaining benefits of existing incentives
  • Prepare or review program applications
  • Review incentive proposal to maximize benefits
  • Comparison analysis for multiple project locations
  • Prepare projected benefit schedule for business forecasts
  • Complete annual compliance reports
  • Navigate the project from start to finish

We will work directly with your business to assist you in understanding the qualifications for the programs, determining the applicable credits, completing the necessary applications and preparing the annual reports.

Contact us today for more information about tax credits and incentives, or connect directly with Stephan Cwynar, CPA, Senior Manager or Carolyn Powell, Business Development Director below.

Download Tax credits and incentive programs for New York manufacturers (PDF)

Stephan Cwynar, CPA

Senior Manager

Carolyn Powell

Business Development Director