Sales and use taxes are often the most misunderstood and heavily audited areas of state and local taxation.  The compliance process can be complicated and time consuming and may be the source of unexpected tax liabilities or unanticipated tax savings.  Furthermore, there's more to administering sales and use taxes than just simply filing returns.  As your outsourced sales tax department, our experienced SALT team can work with your business not only to provide compliance services, but also any of the following services:

  • Registering in new states or for additional taxes;
  • Reviewing notices from state taxing authorities;
  • Researching the taxability of your products/services;
  • Responding to internal inquiries about sales/use tax issues;
  • Managing audits from state taxing authorities;
  • Working with your accounting/tax staff to provide guidance about sales tax issues and updates about recent SALT developments;
  • Proactively addressing sales tax issues and suggest planning opportunities.

Whether you are a convenience store chain with multiple locations in one state, a manufacturer registered to collect tax in multiple states or an environmental engineering firm with offices and projects across the U.S., our team can be your outsourced sales tax department and provide cost-effective sales and use tax compliance and consulting services to your business using the most practical and efficient means possible.


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