Services – Manage Risk

Nexus Study

Are your employees or affiliates soliciting sales in various states on your behalf? Do you own inventory or lease office space or perform services in a growing number of states? If the answer is yes, your business may have nexus and may be subject to various state and local taxes.

Tax Registration

Registering your business for state and local tax purposes can be complicated and time consuming, especially if you need to register in a number of jurisdictions. Let our experienced team help you prepare and file the right forms in a timely manner.

Voluntary Disclosure / Amnesty

When simply registering is not an option due to nexus and prior liabilities, voluntary dislcosure or amnesty is your best choice for approaching the state, paying any unpaid taxes and registering for future compliance before the notice arrives.

Tax Research

It’s difficult to be in compliance with state and local tax laws without knowing if your products and services are subject to sales tax or how to apportion your sales for income tax purposes. Our team has experience researching SALT issues in every state.

Tax Compliance

Periodic filing deadlines for state and local taxes can be a headache for any business. Let our experienced team take on this burden for you, so you can focus on growing your business, not filing tax returns.

Audit Defense

When the state and local taxing authorities come to visit, they typically don’t leave empty handed. Let our experienced team prepare your business for audit or work directly with the auditors on your behalf to manage the audit process and mitigate your issues.