The last thing any business wants, is to be audited for state and local tax purposes. Audits can be stressful, time consuming marathons that typically result in additional tax due along with interest and penalties. Our SALT team has considerable experience working with state taxing authorities and assisting businesses with income/franchise tax and sales and use tax audits in a number of states.

There are a number of situations where your business may want to consider engaging our team to assist you with an audit. We can we review a proposed assessment to determine its accuracy and identify any potential issues you may want to reconsider. We can deal with specific audit issues you may be having a difficult time resolving with the auditor. We can even manage the entire audit process from start to finish on your company’s behalf.

Our team has had success mitigating audit findings and reducing assessments for businesses in many industries, based on our knowledge of state and local tax laws, our understanding of the audit process and experience working with state taxing authorities.

Reduced an Arizona sales/use tax audit by over $1,200,000
– Environmental engineering firm

Our team also has experience preparing businesses for audit, identifying overpayments to offset assessments, evaluating appeal options and implementing strategies to correct errors for future years.

See our three-part series of articles below about Managing Sales Tax Audits for more information on audit issues, including guidance and tips to help you prepare for your next audit. To discuss having our team assist your business with a state and local tax audit, please contact Tom Mazurek at .