Tax Research

State and local tax laws differ from state-to-state.  Finding answers to how state and local tax issues are treated in various states can be difficult and time consuming.  Don't rely on out-of-date guidebooks or the representative answering the tax department's customer service line for answers to your questions.  Our experienced SALT team can research all the relevant state and local tax authorities to provide you with guidance regarding your specific issues. 

Additionally, we can provide research services to assist your business with the following needs:

Ruling Request

In some situations, the incidence of tax is uncertain because of a lack of relevant state and local tax authority. In these situations, we will assist you in preparing a ruling request.  Many states will issue a ruling that specifies the tax treatment to be afforded to a proposed transaction.  Several states will even issue anonymous rulings so that we can keep your business name confidential.

Training or Tax Manuals

The determination to pay sales or use tax is often made by company personnel who generally have little expertise or training.  Given this situation, it is not uncommon to discover that the taxability of purchases is made based upon whether the vendor has charged tax on the invoice.  Given this general lack of review, our team can assist you in training employees in the area of sales and use tax with the objective of minimizing liabilities, audits and assessments. We can also assist you in developing a manual that determines the taxability of both purchases and sales in order to retain knowledge notwithstanding employee turnover.


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