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Solutions Beyond the Obvious.

jss.JPGSolutions Beyond the Obvious. More than a theme line, it's the philosophy that Tronconi Segarra & Associates' partners adopted many years ago to convey how they, and all Firm associates, serve and work with our clients...providing more in-depth information, taking a closer look at our clients' business activities, inquiring about more than just accounting, auditing and tax matters, ensuring that our most senior level professionals are intimately involved in every client engagement, and tapping into the unique, collective expertise and experience of all of our associates to develop innovative ways to assist our clients in achieving their objectives.

Over the years, our clients have told us that our solutions have made a difference in their businesses and given them the confidence to take the next steps -- acquire a new business, expand a plant, open a new branch, prepare to sell, hire additional employees, secure external financing, develop an executive compensation program, market internationally, and more. In other words, grow, prosper and provide opportunity to numerous stakeholders...employees, vendors, customers...even the cities and towns in which they do business.

This is what makes Tronconi Segarra & Associates different. A practiced commitment to put our clients first. A dedication to maintain the highest ethical standards. A belief that the trust we have earned from our clients is more precious than gold. And a desire to constantly improve, challenge ourselves, and do better each and every day.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about us and how we make a difference in our clients' businesses each day.

Jim Segarra, CPA
Managing Partner


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Read Tom's latest blog:

New York’s Latest Internet Tax Move: Easier Process or Easier Targets?

Tom Mazurek Named NYS Blogger

TMazurek.jpgCongratulations to Tronconi Segarra & Associates principal Tom Mazurek who was recently named as the New York State blogger for one of the country's foremost sales tax information and support web sites/blogs, works with state and local tax (DOR) offices across the country, as well as sales tax accountants, attorneys and software/solution providers (large and small) to source helpful sales and use tax content. They then sort and organize it to so that it's faster and easier for small and medium-size businesses to find what they need.

Tom will be posting periodically each month on sales and use tax matters in New York State, ranging from proposed and passed legislation, nexus issues, cases of interest and more.

Tom joined Tronconi Segarra & Associates in 2007. Prior to that, Tom was employed by the Buffalo office of Ernst & Young LLP. Click here to read Tom's full biography.


IRS Updates Outsourcing Payroll Duties Web Page

The IRS recently updated its "Outsourcing Payroll Duties" web page which now features some practical guidance for employers. It is important for employers to recognize that if they outsource their payroll duties, they remain responsible for meeting the deposit and filing requirements including taxes, interest and penalties. Among other things, the web page guidance suggests that employers should designate the employer's address (vs. the payroll processing company's) as the address of record so that the employer will receive any IRS correspondence. The web page guidance also recommends that an employer's payroll processing company use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) when making payments or deposits so that they may be confirmed. Employers registering with the EFTPS will be assigned a PIN that they should periodically use to verify payments or make nonpayroll payments. Late or missed payments will trigger a red flag with the IRS and most likely prompt an investigation. More information may be found at


Free Transcripts from the IRS

Taxpayers applying for a mortgage, a VISA or a student loan may need copies of prior year tax information. The IRS provides two types of transcripts at no charge:

  • A tax return transcript that shows most line items from the tax return as filed; or,
  • A tax account transcript that shows any adjustments made by the taxpayer or the IRS after the return was filed.

Transcripts can be requested from the IRS by phone, by mail or online at

New York State Brownfield Credits - Time is of the Essence

Click here to review how Tronconi Segarra & Associates may be able to assist you in applying for New York State Brownfield Credits, and what the new deadlines are now that Governor Cuomo has not extended the program beyond December 31, 2015.

What's in Our Latest Newsletter?

  • Information on the new ACA forms to be filed with your 2014 tax returns.
  • Tax extenders -- what did Congress pass?
  • Revenue recognition -- will the new standards impact your business?

Click here to access and/or download a PDF of our December 2014 newsletter to read about these issues and more.

State & Local Tax Update

Click here to read the latest on the Internet Tax Freedom Act and the Marketplace Fairness Act.

Follow us on Twitter (@TronconiSegarra) for key state & local tax updates as they happen, and to join the conversation about proposed federal legislation that could impact online sellers.


Are You an Attorney in Need of Support Services?

Click here to learn the many ways Tronconi Segarra & Associates can assist you, your Firm and your clients.



Are you a beneficiary of a Canadian RRSP or RRIF? The IRS has news for you. Click here to read more.

News By & About Tronconi Segarra & Associates

Business News

March 26th
Although Republicans are outlining a proposal to provide an "off ramp" for states and consumers to exit the Affordable Care Act, and the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on a legal challenge to the federally-operated health exchange, state exchange…
March 26th
If a taxing entity changes its tax law to retroactively include a transaction, should the hapless taxpayer be bound by the new rule?
March 26th
The House Ways and Means Committee passed seven bills Wednesday aimed at reforming the Internal Revenue Service.
March 26th
Bloomberg BNA has released a new analysis of the recent sweeping changes in New York State's corporate tax laws.
March 26th
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has scheduled a meeting for next Tuesday where it will vote on adopting a reorganization of auditing standards.
March 26th
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants has produced a new series of reports in collaboration with the Economic and Social Research Council investigating the dynamics between corporate culture and regulations and the link to dysfunctional behav…
March 26th
Marci Kaminsky has joined Grant Thornton LLP as chief communications officer, based in the firm's Chicago headquarters.
March 26th
The consumer finance site Wallethub has ranked the best and worst states across the country where taxpayers can find accountants to help prepare their taxes.

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