Fraud/Forensic Accounting & Auditing

The risk of fraud and the costs associated with it are all too real for most businesses. Contrary to what some believe, a financial statement audit conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (“GAAS”) is not designed to detect fraud and should not be relied upon to do so, even though there have been instances where a financial statement audit has revealed irregularities that required further investigation.

While preventing and detecting fraud is ultimately the responsibility of a business or organization, Tronconi Segarra & Associates’ team of forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners (“CFEs”) can assist businesses and organizations in conducting investigations to detect suspected fraud and/or minimize the likelihood it will occur. We are frequently called upon to assist businesses in cases of suspected employee embezzlement, credit/debit card fraud, white collar crimes and other illegal financial schemes.

Tronconi Segarra & Associates’ fraud and forensic accounting and auditing services are designed to document and quantify any losses that have been incurred as the result of an illegal financial scheme. We are often engaged to work with both in-house and external counsel to assist in the recovery of lost assets and prepare and deliver independent expert reports for use at a criminal or civil trial or by prosecuting authorities. From time to time, Tronconi Segarra & Associates’ fraud and forensic professionals will be called upon to provide expert witness testimony at a trial regarding our findings in a fraud or forensic investigation.

There are specific procedures and actions that should be taken by a business or organization if a fraud is suspected. Care must be taken to avoid spoiling or corrupting evidence, especially if such evidence may not be obvious to the business or organization. Contact Tronconi Segarra & Associates immediately if you suspect that you or your organization has been the victim of a fraud.

Our associates are trained to:

  • Promptly and discreetly discover and document evidence necessary for authorities to prosecute the offender(s).
  • Quantify the impact of the fraud.
  • Reconstruct events surrounding the scheme.
  • Conduct interviews with key personnel.
  • Assist in the recovery of losses.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of policies and procedures to deter future occurrences.

Contact our fraud/forensic team leaders below to learn more about our services.

Mark Ferm
Mary Shetler CPA, CFE