There’s a strong likelihood that your business is paying too much sales and use tax on its purchases. Many businesses are unaware of potential sales tax exemptions or are just unable to take full advantage of these tax saving opportunities due to deficiencies in personnel, training or simply time.

Our SALT team has considerable experience identifying sales and use tax overpayments and securing refunds for our clients from both suppliers and taxing authorities in many states. We have successfully recovered over $14,000,000 of overpayments for businesses of all sizes in various industries, including: aerospace, automotive, banking, consumer products, energy, food & beverage, manufacturing, medical devices, printing and technology.

At the same time, we understand that filing a refund claim for overpayments may not always be the best idea for your business, especially if your business is underpaying sales and use tax on purchases as well. We take the time to identify potential exposure during our review and will meet with you to discuss and evaluate both over and underpayments of sales and use tax before filing a refund claim.

Contact us today at to discuss having our team review your purchases to determine whether your business is leaving sales tax dollars on the table.